Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why Invest In Boston Pacific Capital Term Deposit?

Boston Pacific Capital provides term deposit investment in Australia. The company is based in Sydney and has been around for more than 30 years. If you are thinking about securing your financial future by establishing an investment portfolio, then you might consider investing at Boston Pacific Capital term deposit.

Why Term Deposit?

Investing in term deposit can give you many benefits and these includes;

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Guaranteed investment return
  • Great way to achieve your goals
  • Less risky than investing in stocks
  • Safe and secure

TD will lock your money for a fixed term agreement where you can decide whether how long you want your money be tied up. In this investment option, you will be informed right away regarding how much interest rate you can earn at the maturity period.

Why Boston Pacific Capital?

Aside from having over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, the Company has managed 4 continents with integrity and professionalism. BPC also offers the highest interest rates in the market for investors and presents a diversified portfolio for properties, financial instruments and medical services.

Boston Pacific Capital Interest Rates

If you are planning to invest in term deposit, your very first concern is the interest rate. BPC offers short to medium term rates suitable for locking your cash for a set of period. Here are few things you need to know:

  1. Prepare an initial investment of 1,000 (No additional fees applied)
  2. Select the term or period (could be 1 month to 10 years)
  3. Interest is paid monthly, annually or upon maturity.
  4. Flexible payment system

Here are the projected interest rates:
Property Investment

Boston Pacific Capital also provides assistance for investors who want to acquire properties in Australia. The company has been partnered with QOD Property Group with good reputation for quality residential, commercial and industrial projects.

To apply online: http://bostonpacificcapital.com.au/bpc-interest-rates/personal-application/ or call 1300 73 29 10 for fast inquiry.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How To Save Effectively For Christmas

Today is the start of “Ber” month and the holiday season is about to arrive. Spending for holidays can be painful in the pocket and sometimes could lead to a spending nightmare. Christmas is a time for joy, thanksgiving and sharing with our family and love ones. But for some, it’s a pain and a moment to face the financial fray. For instance, cutting out on your Christmas expenses doesn’t necessarily mean less happiness and less memorable. What to do? Follow these five Christmas saves!

1. Plan early and make a list

Planning early is the very first key to successful Christmas celebration. Make a list of names of people you like to buy presents for, what type of gift as well as the price of the item. This way, you will determine how much money you need to prepare and make adjustments in case it exceeds your budget. The gift doesn’t have to be too expensive. Just like the sayings, “it’s the thought that counts”.

2. Give and share wholeheartedly

The true spirit of Christmas is giving with all your heart. When you give, think of something that the receiver will appreciate not just because it is expensive. Find something that shows how much you know and value them.

3. Bring cash, not credit card

If you set a budget, then bringing cash instead of credit during your shopping is required so to get rid of overspending. Set your spending goals and have discipline to accomplish it. You wouldn’t want to be left facing debt in New Year, don’t you? 

4. Organize an event where everyone can participate and make their shares.

Set a date where you can celebrate together and put responsibilities to each and every family. You can ask them to contribute for foods, sponsor the games or buy some gifts. Less worry, more happiness.

5. Buy now, save more, give later

You know how expensive it is to buy items during peak seasons. Thus, buying presents at the earliest can save you hundreds of dollars. Shop while sales and discounts are still available. You can check for bargains or items available for auctions at online stores or buy in bulk if you are giving gifts to several individuals.

Whether you plan to travel with your family, celebrate at home with your love ones or planning to spend Christmas at your relative’s place, early saving and preparation is very important to ensure inexpensive and memorable holiday celebration. Advance merry Christmas and a happy new year!

For more information about savings, click here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Invest In Australia?

Why invest in the first place? Simple reason, because investing will secure your future. If you don’t want to work in your entire life or got some goals you want to achieve, then you should start investing now. If you currently live or planning to go in Australia for good, then it could be your chance to take advantage of the current business environment status that this country has to offer. 

Australia, being one of the world’s most stable markets over the last couple of years, is indeed an ideal country to improve your financial standing. It offers several opportunities for investors that promote growth, wealth and prosperity. There are many reasons why investing in Australia is a must and these are the following;

  1. It implements transparent and regulated investment market for Aussie sectors.
  2. 20+ years of consistent growth
  3. Doing business in Australia is never complicated for it is known to be the easiest places to do business with.
  4. Australia has an innovative financial system that strives to maintain world-class and considerable opportunities.
  5. This country has a profound economy and powerful culture linked with the fast developing Asian region.
  6. Australia has an established and refined banking system and organizations that can handle any types of financial requirements.
  7. The Country offers liquid trading markets in products such as equities, exchange rates, trading and other offshoot products.
  8. Australia also consists of various non-bank sectors or investment institutions including merchants, financing debt, corporation, credit unions, friendly societies, superannuation, mortgage, insurance and institutional funds.
  9. Foreign investors can have access to a wide range of professional and expert business services such as law firms, accounting companies and many other business firms.

Whether you are an existing investor or a start-up, Australia is the perfect place to grow your asset while keeping it safe. During your investment search, you may find a lot of opportunities terms and plans out there, so it is important to evaluate carefully. Remember to focus on your goals and boost your earnings for your future.

Are you ready to invest in Australia? BPC is ready to help. Visit the website to check Boston Pacific Capital interest rates and other investment opportunities.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interested To Invest On Term Deposit In Australia? Read On

Term deposit is a popular investment option among Australians as it offers a guaranteed return on investment and is a safe way to keep away your money for a specific time period.

Most financial institutions offer term deposit accounts. Anyone can open an account as long as they fit the requirements and that they can cater the initial opening deposit for the term of the account they are targeting.
Before you jump into opening a term deposit account, you may want consider your options according to these pointers below:

Investment Term

Investment term includes two types of options; the long term and short term. These investment terms may affect how much interest you can possibly earn upon the maturity time.

What is short term investment?

Short term is an investment term for a fixed period of 3 to 9 months. This is a good investment for those who want to earn from their savings while having the plan to access their funds in instances such as emergency or urgent need of cash.

What is long term investment?

While long term deposit investment is a term with 12 or more months which usually give a higher interest return. It offers a longer lock period of 1 up to 5 years. It requires a minimum investment amount and the longer the investment you take in, the higher the interest return.

Charges and Fees

Australian banks or financing institutions may charge pre- termination costs if you fail to meet the maturity period so it would be necessary to select the investment term option depending on your goal in order to get rid of these fees. Furthermore, it is essential to read and analyze the fine print for you to fully understand the terms and conditions.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are what attracts the investors in regards to term deposit investment. While all investment option with similar maturity term, the higher interest rate, the better. Some financing companies complicate matters by including promotional rates with conditions attached. In this regard, make sure to check if these promotions are applicable for you, and suit your current situation before diving in.

Most importantly, evaluate the best term deposit offer available that suits you best.

Ready to apply? Click here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Boston Pacific Capital Reviews –Australian Capital Market Specialist

This Boston Pacific Capital review will provide you with the straightforward information about the company, helping you understand the capital market, how to invest in Australia’s capital market, how BPC can help maximize the potential interest returns of your asset and the step by step process on how to apply online. Read on to learn more.

What is capital market?

Capital market is a market engagement where investors or financial managers can buy and sell in market trades such as bonds and stocks. It involves medium or long maturity period for more than a year where financial institutions are arranging long term debt and equity finance to certain businesses or corporate. Through this, investors can then put in their money into productive use and acquire higher interest returns.

About Boston Pacific Capital

Boston Pacific Capital is an Australian owned company assisting professional investors in maximizing the potential returns of their assets through investing in Australian Capital market. BPC understand the challenges and risks of investing as well as the expectations of their clients in terms of achieving the highest interest rates at the lowest possible risk. Therefore the company assists with the best strategies and investment decisions for the benefit of the investor. The company has a team of financial experts with 30 years of management experience with established offices in US, UK and Australia.

BPC Investment Rates

Boston Pacific Capital is offering flexible rates in accordance to what type of capitalist you are. Investors can initially invest an amount of $1,000 and can choose terms as short as one month. But it is better to invest in longer terms as it can provide higher interest returns as well as gives shareholders the maximum flexibility.

How To Apply?

To apply for BPC’s investment facility, you need to choose the most suitable rate option for you. The available term options are Personal rates, Business rates and Special rates. Once you selected the appropriate option for your, click “APPLY NOW” button, choose how many applications are involved and fill up the essential details of the applicant/s using the online form. These rates options are offering free monthly service, flexible terms from 1 month to 5 years and flexible interest payout where you can choose to be paid directly on your bank account. Furthermore, before submitting an application, you must ensure that you are a citizen or resident of Australia with over 18 years of age, you have an access to internet banking where you will deposit the initial investment amount, bank account details and a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation email from BPC with your account details and welcome pack concerning your funds and terms.

If you want to know more about the exact monthly interest rate returns that you can potentially acquire from investing at BPC or learn more about Boston Pacific Capital reviews, you can visit the website at www.bostonpacificcapital.com.au or simply call their hot line at +61 2 8003 3060 (International), (02) 8003 3060 (Sydney) or (03) 9010 6030 (Melbourne) if you have questions and inquiries.