Sunday, August 31, 2014

How To Save Effectively For Christmas

Today is the start of “Ber” month and the holiday season is about to arrive. Spending for holidays can be painful in the pocket and sometimes could lead to a spending nightmare. Christmas is a time for joy, thanksgiving and sharing with our family and love ones. But for some, it’s a pain and a moment to face the financial fray. For instance, cutting out on your Christmas expenses doesn’t necessarily mean less happiness and less memorable. What to do? Follow these five Christmas saves!

1. Plan early and make a list

Planning early is the very first key to successful Christmas celebration. Make a list of names of people you like to buy presents for, what type of gift as well as the price of the item. This way, you will determine how much money you need to prepare and make adjustments in case it exceeds your budget. The gift doesn’t have to be too expensive. Just like the sayings, “it’s the thought that counts”.

2. Give and share wholeheartedly

The true spirit of Christmas is giving with all your heart. When you give, think of something that the receiver will appreciate not just because it is expensive. Find something that shows how much you know and value them.

3. Bring cash, not credit card

If you set a budget, then bringing cash instead of credit during your shopping is required so to get rid of overspending. Set your spending goals and have discipline to accomplish it. You wouldn’t want to be left facing debt in New Year, don’t you? 

4. Organize an event where everyone can participate and make their shares.

Set a date where you can celebrate together and put responsibilities to each and every family. You can ask them to contribute for foods, sponsor the games or buy some gifts. Less worry, more happiness.

5. Buy now, save more, give later

You know how expensive it is to buy items during peak seasons. Thus, buying presents at the earliest can save you hundreds of dollars. Shop while sales and discounts are still available. You can check for bargains or items available for auctions at online stores or buy in bulk if you are giving gifts to several individuals.

Whether you plan to travel with your family, celebrate at home with your love ones or planning to spend Christmas at your relative’s place, early saving and preparation is very important to ensure inexpensive and memorable holiday celebration. Advance merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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